Monday, March 7, 2016

And We Weren't Even Cheerleaders

What did you get up to this weekend?

For the past few weeks, we've been slowly cleaning out and organizing totes from our basement. 

This weekend I came upon a tote full of old pictures. As you can imagine, that one took me about 3 hours to "clean out", which was actually more of me just sitting there looking through a couple hundred pictures :) This was from one of my birthday parties, it was a surprise party and I remember having so much fun. 

When I got home from the barn Saturday morning, we visited with some family. A bunch of Kelly's younger cousins were having a sledding party at his aunt & uncles. Adalynn got to snuggle with everybody and was completely exhausted when we got home, she ended up going to bed at about 7 o'clock. 

We also had game night on Saturday. Let me tell you, this girl has a hard time staying up past midnight! I thought I was going to pass out right on the couch and I knew Kelly felt the same way. We sat there, in the corner of the couch, slumped together probably looking like zombies as everyone else was laughing and telling stories. We need to get it together. Maybe coffee next time. Or Red Bull. Yes, I think several Red Bulls. 

Sunday was nice and relaxing, went to breakfast with some friends and I was even able to sneak in a little afternoon nap (score!)

Hope you have a great Monday!  

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