Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Most of us have heard of a four-leaf clover bringing good luck, but I wasn't aware of how horribly superstitious the Irish are! In fact, the 'Luck of the Irish' is actually a very ironic statement that refers to the bad luck that has befallen Ireland in the past.

Below are a few funny superstisions I discovered while perusing the history of Irish traditions and folklore.

It's a sure sign of death to see a magpie chattering at your windowsill.
A horseshoe (found, not bought) hung above your door is good luck, just make sure the points are up so the luck doesn't run out!
If you meet a funeral procession, you must turn around and walk four steps with them.
Meeting three magpies on the road is very unlucky.
Two magpies to your right is good luck.
You can expect visitors if a rooster walks across your doorstep.
If you trip on a gravesite, it's bad luck for you.
If you touch the ground after tripping on a gravesite, it's death for you.
To make your skin beautiful, wash your face with the dew at sunrise on May Day.
If the first lamb of the year is black, a family member will die within the year.
It's a sign that you will come into money if your palm is itchy.
A sick person must lie in a bed facing north and south to be cured.
Turning off a light at supper means that one of them will die that year.
You will always win at cards if you have one crooked pin in your coat.
Yea, thinking maybe I won't be visiting Ireland anytime soon!

Do you have any superstitions to add? Maybe some signs of good luck to come?  

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