Thursday, March 5, 2015

Silly Poems

We did a major spring cleaning a couple weekends ago.

I'm talking we filled the entire bed of the pickup with huge boxes full of recycling and garbage, plus we have several bags to go to Goodwill. We emptied the attic and organized everything into totes that we moved to the basement.

It felt so good to purge everything. When I moved in, we kind of just threw all of my stuff upstairs and, since upstairs is out of the way, things just kept accumulating and piling up in the most unorganized of ways. (That's normal, right?) I have pictures and I'm not showing them because I'm too embarrased. 

I'm so stinking excited because when spring finally rolls around (March 20th at exactly 6:45PM if you care to know) we won't have to spend it cleaning inside, we can get right to work on outdoor projects!

Back to the headline of this post. When I opened one of my totes, this book was laying on top...

This was a Christmas gift in 1998 (I love when people write inside books). I remember also having two of his other books, A Light in the Attic and, my favorite, Where the Sidewalk Ends, but I must have lost them along my way. 

Kelly remembered this book from his childhood too, so we skipped down memory lane for a bit. One of the things we didn't quite grasp as children? The ridiculous amount of sarcasm in a lot of his poems. There were also a few of them I didn't quite understand as a child, but now seem much funnier.  

Here are a couple of them;

We gave you a chance
To water the Plants.
We didn't mean that way -
Now zip up your pants.

If I could only see the scale,
I'm sure that it would state
That I've lost ounces...maybe pounds
or even tons of weight.
"You'd better eat some pancakes -
You're skinny as a rail."
I'm sure that's what the scale would say...
If I could see the scale.  

The Voice
There is a voice inside of you 
That whispers all day long, 
"I feel that this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong."
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide
What's righ for you - just listen to
The voice that speaks inside.
Do you remember these books?

PS. Another favorite childhood book that's being released as a live movie by Disney, July 2016. Woohoo :)  



  1. I have Where the sidewalk ends-I had bought it years ago for Jamie when he was in grade school. I don't remember this one.

    1. Where the Sidewalk Ends was my favorite.

  2. I have the two that you can't seem to find...hmmm. I loved these poems. One of my worst memories I have though, is a poem about what you eat when you are dead. I was reading it in front of my 5/6th grade split and my teacher said, "that's enough" a couple of times trying to stop me. I, of course, didn't stop. And as I finished the poem, looked up and remembered that a kid in our class had lost his mom that year in a car accident. Boy did I feel like a jerk. Hope Adam doesn't remember it.

    1. That's so sad :( I hate when things like that happen... you don't realize until your completely finished that 'Oh, DUH.'

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the Giving Tree by know the day is coming when we will have to get the pictures out. :)

  4. I am so excited I love the BFG , I didn't realize that a movie was coming out!

    1. Me too! We'll have to have a movie date :)


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