Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Weekend

Photo via State Birds

Have you seen any of these little chub-muffins yet? 

Growing up, our babysitter taught us to 'stamp' the first Robins of spring. When we saw a Robin, we'd lick our right thumb, press it to our left palm then slam it with our fist. She'd always ask, 'How many Robins did you stamp today?' so we were always on the lookout to see who could stamp the most in a day. Does anyone else do this? Do you know where it comes from?

I haven't seen any yet, but am just waiting to stamp my first one! 

Here are a few interesting links, if you're in the mood;

What happens when you boycott your phone.

The best places to party like you're Irish.

Yummy, low calorie veggies to substitute your breads, grains or pasta.

6 yoga poses to practice at your desk.

Don't apologize for how you spend your money.

Gardener's to-do list for March, zone-by-zone.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Haven't seen any Robins yet, but I too was taught to do the "Robin stamp" old traditions are great. I'm going to give the phone boycott a try. Just not looking at it around others is going to be a challenge.

    1. I'm pretty good at boycotting my phone when it's nice out and I'm out doing things, but you're right, around others when everyone is checking their electronics it's hard not to reach for your pocket. Still haven't stamped a Robin yet...

    2. Melissa-was that before I was born? I don't remember the "robin stamp" :)

    3. - Grandma Linda called last night and said that you're suppose to wish on the first Robin you stamp :) I didn't remember that part.


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