Friday, March 13, 2015

Traditional Irish Recipes {Round-Up}

As much as I love stuffing myself full of mashed potatoes and stuffing during Thanksgiving, the traditional St. Patrick's Day meal is my absolute favorite. I could eat corned beef and cabbage all day, every day. No lie.

A few weeks ago, our boss brought in a crock pot meal of corned 'beef' and cabbage, except it was venison. It blew my mind at just how much it tasted like beef. And whats even better is the venison has none of the fat that the corned beef brisket does. It was a lean, mean, St. Paddy's day machine.

In the spirit of things, here is a round up of traditional Irish recipes to try out;


Bangers & Mash, because it's a wicked cool name that sounds like an English punk rock band.

This fruit loaf, barmbrack, is an Irish recipe traditionally eaten on All Hallow's Eve. Small tokens are wrapped in parchment paper and baked into the loaf. Depending on what slice of bread you choose, the token tells your fortune for the next year; a ring symbolizes you'll soon be married, a coin for wealth, a thimble for spinsterhood...get creative! 
Colcannon is a delicious looking recipe combining mashed potatoes and either cabbage or kale.

The little specks of sea salt on these potato farls make my mouth water.

Mushy peas I cannot get on board with. Not at all. But they sure are pretty!

Dublin coddle looks like a fairly simple meal with tasty seasonings.

How cute are these Irish potato candies?! Reading the ingredients leads me to believe it will go straight to the hips, which you know is a yummy sign :)  

Boxty is an Irish pancake made from - I'll give you one guess - potatoes! 

I don't see a thing wrong with this steak, mushroom & Guiness pie.

And if you still have room for more, top it all off with an Irish Car Bomb. I was hesitant to try this at first, but years ago (after a few too many green beers) I had my first one. They're like a yummy milkshake, just be sure to drink it fast!

If I lived in Ireland, I would probably turn into a potato. Potatoes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and I even found a pretty popular recipe for 'Irish' Chocolate Potato Cake. My kind of place.

Have you had any of these recipes? What are your favorite St. Paddy's Day traditions?

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