Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Fools

I debated titling this post "We're having a baby!"

But that's an April Fools joke that would probably cause our sisters to pee their pants in excitement :)

For some reason, April Fools day got me thinking about my grandma's retirement party.

She's an avid golfer, so the party was held at a local golf course. She had been in the school system working as an elementary school teacher, a counselor and then retired as a beloved assistant principal. Needless to say, there were tons of people there.

Our cousins came from out of state and between the six of us girls,  we choreographed a cheer that ended in the six of us stacked in a pyramid. To this day, I don't know how I participated in front of so many people. Girl power I guess?

Anywhoo, someone had the bright idea to give us a fart machine (if I had to wager a guess, I'd say one of my mother's mischieveous cousins). Not just any old fart machine, a remote control operated fart machine. So, after our little cheer, we headed inside and decided to inconspicuously hide that little fart machine in one of the potted trees sitting against the wall near the bar.

We chose to park ourselves at a table across the room where we would have a nice view of everyone passing by. The first innocent people who decided to stand next to that cute little tree? WEEERRRRAARRT.

It was beyond hilarious to sit back and see people get wide-eyed and look at the people around them.

Our grandma's friends, teachers, principals- everyone was at our mercy with the fart machine. It was hilarious and by far the best way for us kids to pass the time at a retirement party.

Now I'm thinking we might have to bring it back for our family reunion. :)

What about you? Any fond memories with a good, old-fashioned whoopee cushion? Let's hear your best April Fools day pranks- I need some ammo! 

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