Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Cleaning & Organization

Flickr Photo by Storebukkebruse

Spring fever anyone? There are no complaints in our neck of the woods!

Isn't it funny how 50 degrees in the fall feels absolutely freezing, yet 50 degrees in the spring is sun-bathing weather? And while I haven't quite opened the windows yet, I'm itching too.

Remember this link from last Friday? It challenges one task per day to organize your entire home in 30 days. I thought it was perfect for March when it's still a bit to wet and snowy to start working on outdoor projects.

So here are a few things we've checked off the list lately;

  • Kitchen Cupboards
    • Tupperware & mason jars are washed and stacked, lids are in a drawer.
    • We hung another one of the cabinets that we removed from the kitchen in the laundry room. In it, we stored crock pots, griddles, fondue pots and other less-used items. 
    • Pots & pans are organized.
    • We pitched the old icky cookie sheets  replaced them with the new ones we received as wedding gifts.
    • Mismatched silverware was removed and put into storage.
    • Small appliances like blenders and toasters that we had duplicates or triplicates (that's a word, right?) were gifted or put into storage.
    • Kitchen towels were sorted. The ones with Jack-o'-lanterns and Christmas trees were finally put into storage. Old, stained towels were turned into rags.
  • Refrigerator & Freezer
    • Completely emptied, which was made easier because it broke down for about a week until we could repair it.
    • Shelves & drawers were removed and washed.
    • Expired foods like salad dressings, sauces and dips were thrown out. 
  • Stove
    • This one was all Honey. He removed the racks and scrubbed the inside of the oven and the glass doors. He found what looked like a piece of charcoal shaped like a heart and asked what it was- I was a little embarrassed to realize that it was from when I made Valentine's dog treats THREE YEARS AGO.
    • Grates were removed & scrubbed.
    • Finished off with a nice shine from the stainless steel cleaner. My oven hasn't been so clean since the day I brought it home!
  • Kitchen Junk Drawer
    • Emptied, everything put in it's proper place. It's now being used for oven mitts, hot pads and bottle openers.
  • Sock & Underwear Drawers
    • Unmatchable socks were pitched.
    • I'll keep this part short and sweet, any underwear that I wouldn't hang on the line to dry also got pitched.  Sadly to say, I now need to go underwear shopping :)
  • Coffee Table 
    • Games were organized, the ones we don't play all the time were put upstairs.
    • Extra paper & pencils were put in the office desk upstairs.
    • Magazines were put into storage.
    • Crochet hooks & knitting needles were put where they belong.

I'm thinking next up on the list is the entryway / mudroom. You can bet your bottom dollar the winter coats are going into hibernation!

What have you lovelies been up to? Any spring cleaning tips to toss my way?


  1. Oh my, you two have been very busy! You could send some of that enthusiasm my way!!! I am still in the "thinking about it" stage


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